Young people with a brain injury special event scheduled

The Tadworth Children’s Trust are to host a special one day event that is specially for those aged between 14-19 who have suffered a brain injury due or illness or accident, which gives them the chance the meet others in the same situation and talk about how they deal with life.

The event takes place on the Sunday the 28th April at Chessington World of Adventure’s Holiday Inn and is called ‘Where’s your head at?’. As well as letting young people and their families meet up with other who have the same problems, there are also talks by both young people and inspirational figure who will give their views on living with a brain injury.

This event is aimed at young people who attend some classes in a mainstream school or college and access the National Curriculum. Each young person must also have one adult who can stay with them as their supporter throughout the day.

Young people who attended a pilot event run by The Children’s Trust said: “I learnt that it is not just me that has a brain injury.”

Parents who attended also commented: “I learnt that we experience the same difficulties as other families – we are not alone.” “It was interesting to hear other people’s views on brain injury.”

There is an administration charge of £15 per young person (entry for their accompanying adult is free). Refreshments, lunch and entry to the theme park are provided for both of them.


For further information or to download the information flyer/booking form please