Yorkshire toddler hailed as a child genius

A toddler has been hailed a genius after being able to read, use an iPad and identify all the countries in the world – at two-years-old. Sherwyn Sarabi, spoke his first words at just ten months and is now able to describe all major body organs and their functions.

He is so advanced for his age that doctors and child psychologists are stunned by his intelligence.

The gifted toddler who goes to nursery during the day, even uses a computer independently to search for and watch his favourite programmes and clips on YouTube.

Sherwyn’s mum, Amanda, 35, said: “At first we just thought it was normal behaviour, then one day when we were at the doctors, he was looking at a map on the wall and started pointing out countries he recognised.

The doctor was amazed and said he’d never seen anything like it. We’ve taken him to see a couple of psychologists who have both said he is gifted. He just loves to learn – he recently woke me up at 3am telling me all about Sir Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity. He loves telling me in the middle of the night what he has learnt that day. We’re very lucky to have him.”

Doctors won’t know how clever he really is until they can test his IQ when he turns three.

Sherwyn, of Royston, South Yorks, was able to name all 2D and 3D shapes aged 18 months. He’s also fully clued up on the function of volcanoes and shooting stars, and is able to identify the flags of every country in the world.

A spokeswoman for the National Association for Gifted Children said that it is important for a child with high learning potential to get the appropriate help and support along the way.