Worms in children, a nightmare for all the family

In the bottoms of little children there are thread worms thriving everyday. This affects the child’s daily activities and causes sleepless nights for the entire family. It is not the best of experiences but can be identified easily and treated. Doctors are frequently finding these worms in pre-school children that are not sleeping and it is making mum and dad absolutely horrified.

Worms can spread very easily throughout the community across all social backgrounds. Preschoolers are the ones that are most common to spread the worm. Since the biggest thing pre-schoolers share are germs then it is easy to see why they may spread them so easy especially because they do not do well with washing their hands, particularly just before they eat.

Infected children will have itchy bottoms. They will be irritable during the day, uncooperative, frustrated and not be able to sit still or concentrate. One of the biggest reason children try to leave the cot is they are infested with worms. They will continually want to scratch there bottoms and will often time take off clothes to do so and even their nappy.

They may even walk strange, as if trying to hold their buttocks closed in order to hold a coin there. Often times it causes frequent wetting and wetting the bed at night. They will have a hard time sleeping they will be crying and uncomfortable, just not naughty.

If you think it may be worms check for a 2cm wide pink rash completely around the outer part of the genital area. If you decide to look for worms you need to leave the room dark, comfort the child and a point a torch light on the exposed buttocks. The worms leave their host at night to lay eggs. This is why there is irritability and uncomfortableness,

You may see the worms. They are about 1.5 cm in length and look like wriggling pieces of sewing cotton. They will scurry fast away from the light from the anal opening. In young girls the worms can also crawl in the vagina and become if more of an irritation.

First collect as many as possible and dispose of them quickly. You may also want to put Vaseline on the anal area to soothe the irritation and catch any other worms that may leave in the night. There are a number of medications to administer to the child and they usually are taken in stages in case there are any eggs that may be in the incubation period