WiiFit to help kids stay healthy

In the run up to Christmas, record numbers of ‘WiiFit’ systems have been sold to parents; particularly mums, hoping to influence their child to exercise, according to sale and research stats by a leading entertainment retail site.

Tens of thousands of British children will be waking up on Christmas morning to the videogame their worried parents hope will inspire them to get fitter, according to research by Swoopo.co.uk.

Research of 1,253 people has found that nearly two thirds of British parents (61%) are worried about their children’s weight and fitness. 34% said they ‘actively try to encourage’ their child to exercise for health and fitness reasons.

When asked ‘Do you think video games encouraging your children to exercise are beneficial?’ 86% responded positively.

Mums were more worried about their children’s health than dads (67%-55%), which correlates with the sales stats that show females are buying more WiiFit copies than males.

Swoopo auctions tens of thousands of products per month and has over a million registered users worldwide.