When it comes to sex, teens actually listen to their parents

It may seem as if they are too tied up with their iPhones or texting their mates to notice but a study shows more teens are actually taking their parents advice when it comes to sex. Some teens may grimace with embarrassment or even run shouting when the subject is broached seeing it is quite ticklish to say the least.

Close to 45% of the teens look to mom and dad as their sexual role models says a survey from CHU Sainte-Justine a hospital center from adolescents, mothers and children in Montreal. Only about one third of the teens think their friends are role models while 25% look to celebrities and 33% have none at all, they make their own choices.

Parents could be shy about the topic of sexuality and maybe think that way because they think they are not in the game which is just not true said the study’s co-author Jean-Yves Frappier. Yet teens like most people want their independence but what we tend to forget is they have been living in the same home as their parents for many years and that alone makes them very important figures in their lives.

We tend to forget that Brad Pitt and Britney Spears are only in the TV, but parents are the real deal. Over 1,100 teens across the country were surveyed about how they learned things about sex and their family dynamics as well as friendships and sexual activity.

The teens that used friends as role models regardless of what influence their parents had were found to be much more sexually active. They were also more likely to be involved at least once in a risky sexual encounter like unprotected sex.

It is very important for teens to discuss with the friends issues about sex but parents can give the other side of the equation and tend to balance out the negative influences that peer pressure tends to bring on. The study says that even though 61% of teens could talk with mom comfortably about sex only 28% said they could talk to their dad comfortably.