When is a Jammie Dodger not a Jammie Dodger?

When is a Jammie Dodger not a Jammie Dodger? When it’s a toffee or chocolate dodger. The marketing team at Burton’s has been very busy putting together an innovative new campaign to get the word out that there are now three flavours in the dodger family. A brilliant new video on YouTube featuring three monkeys known as Jammie, Choccie and Toffee is proving to be a huge it with thousands of new hits every day.

It’s well known that animals sell, be they real or computer generated. Would a certain price comparison website have been so successful without the help of a Meerkat? This indicates the pulling power of animals doing unusual things. The three monkeys in this campaign are certainly doing that, but with a cuteness and lovability about them that screams merchandise. It only seems to be a matter of time before cuddly monkeys, keyrings etc will be in our shops.

The video begins with Choccie monkeys working the decks like a DJ in Ibiza, with a swirling 60’s style backdrop a la Austin Powers. The monkeys then take it in turns to cut a funky groove in front of the hypnotic and psychedelic background, doing a selection of different styles of dancing in a monkey dance off. The result is a hilarious and entertaining video that will let people know there are new flavours available much quicker than the spoken or written word.

This isn’t the only ad in the campaign, but it is already the one that everyone is talking about. The Jammie monkey doing the Saturday night fever moves is already becoming a firm favourite, his red colouring could make for a highly collectible figure if the expected merchandising hits the shelves. Toffee is also a funky little mover, and expect to see Choccie spinning the decks at a club near you very soon.

Trying to bring out new versions of a favourite food is always difficult, and even more so with a product as iconic as a Jammie Dodger. The marketing has got to be spot on to get potential customers to sit up and take notice, and they have got it spot on with the monkeys. The Jammie Dodger crosses all ages and is one of the UK’s most popular biscuits, now people will be dropping all the flavours into their basket and humming the tune as they head for the checkouts.