What’s in a name?

George Alexander Louis, the name of the latest little prince that we seem to have been waiting forever for. Once we were told on Tuesday morning that Kate had gone into hospital on Monday morning, speculation surrounding the name sky rocketed. There was also the the whole accession argument discussed at great length, but the fact he was a boy did away with the controversy in other Commonwealth countries who didn’t want a girl to automatically take the throne.

Traditionally, it takes at least a week week for the names of a royal baby to be announced, and you have to wonder if the fact that William was actually asked on Tuesday night, when they made their first appearance as a family, if his little son was to be called George actually speeded up the process. When the name was announced last night there seemed to be a sort of accepting shrug across the nation as they played ‘safe’.

George is of course a long term favourite with the royals, and is a nod of respect towards the Queen as it was the name of her father. They were never going to name their baby something like Bailey or Tyler, but there were a lot of bets on names that moved away from the normal royal route.

A few hoped that these young and modern royals would go with the times, but even though we are in a new generation of royalty, there is still a sense of duty and tradition involved so there was never going to be a King Harvey. George isn’t a name that lends itself to affectionate nicknames either. We knew William as Wills when he was little, and Harry never gets his birth names of Henry, and it is highly unlikely he will he called Geordie, although those in the North and Scotland would be chuffed.