‘What do the grown-ups do?’ ‘Sean the Actor’ New Book

The eagerly awaited 3rd book in the Children’s book series ‘What do the grown-ups do?’ ‘Sean the Actor’  will be published on the 28 April 2014

This time the children move away from farming and fishing and meet a real actor. The young children ask question including:
“How do you become an actor?”
“How does the film get made?”
“How do you know which camera to look at?”
“How do you make money in your work?”

Once again the Author Mairi McLellan brings the story to live with beautiful photographs and interesting facts that the grown-ups can learn from as well

About the ‘What do the grown-ups do?’ Series

Each book explains different jobs easily, through questions asked by three young children. The Mackenzie children ask all the questions any child would ask an adult about their job but have the advantage of actually talking to them. Now children, parents and teachers will be able to collect a new series of books, which can be read as bed time stories, or in the class-room, giving them and their reader insights into many different types of jobs, the good bits and the bad bits. The books gently remind children of the importance of working hard at school, without dictating to them. ‘Sean the Actor’ will be published on the 28th April 2014. Already published on the 28 February 2014, ‘Joe the Fisherman’ and ‘Papa the Stockfarmer’. There will be regular publications through the year, including ‘Fiona the Doctor’, ‘Richard the Vet’ and ‘Gordon the Wildlife Filmaker’.

“An informative and fun way to introduce your children to the world of living.” Gordon Buchanan, Wildlife Filmaker, BBC Spring watch, autumn watch, The Polar Bear Family and Me.

“Utterly charming, full of facts and a great career guide. Life’s an adventure in Mairi McLellan’s Highland village and she cleverly explains complicated things by letting children ask all the questions. These books are a lovely bedtime read; a super career guide and a fun encyclopaedia, all rolled into one.” Tony Boullemier, author of The Little Book of Monarchs.

“What a refreshing and innovative way of introducing children to career possibilities in later life. A delightful series of books, which gently guides younger children through the adult world of work. The accompanying photographs of the main characters bring the lives of Joe the Fisherman, Fiona the Doctor and Papa the Stock Farmer, to life.” Louise White, Broadcaster.

McLellan said “This series has been a joy to write. Yes, it educates children about jobs, but it’s more than that. During our travels, we introduce concepts such as sustainable fishing; explain how cattle dung helps increase insect life; chat about how to use a stethoscope; learn that horses’ teeth never stop growing and find out about glaciers and rock formations. It’s so varied and the characters in each story really bring the facts to life! While the stories help children understand different jobs, they moreover help to teach them about the world around them. I decided to produce photo books as most children love photos and, as we are dealing with the reality of work, photos give a more realistic view.”
More information can be found on the website www.kidseducationalbooks.com