What can you honestly remember from your first year as a parent?

Now be honest, what can you remember from the first year of your child’s life? Do you recall them taking their first steps or buying them their first pair of shoes? The simple fact is that the first year of a child’s life goes past in such a blur that it is oh so easy to forget precious moments.

At one time the only way to make sure you never forget anything was to write a diary or keep a scrapbook, but with so much technology at our fingertips those precious memories can be kept both private and safe in a cloud.

Memfy.com is a fun new platform that allows users to record the key details of treasured memories easily, like bookmarks for the most important chapters in your life story. While other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter might be cluttered with games, adverts and comments on the latest funny video friends have shared, Memfy.com is about capturing the details the moments that really shape who you are as a person.

One of the key features of Memfy.com is the ability to keep your personal memories completely private. Unlike some other sites, Memfy’s privacy settings are designed to be as up front and simple as possible, so every Memfy has the option to be kept private, public or just shared with a selected few individuals.

The brainchild of two British friends, Memfy.com came about when they were trying to recall some important moments from their time together at university. They wondered if there was somewhere these memories could have been logged, and not finding anything suitable, decided to build it themselves.

Users can sign up to Memfy.com and start storing their own memories, or memfies, absolutely free of charge. The site then offers many more features, like the ability to download and print PDFs of your memfies, or even combine them to create a book that you’ll treasure forever.

With a growing user base and further developments in the pipeline, including mobile and tablet apps, Memfy.com is set to become one of the great British web-based success stories.