Weightlifting for kids

Weight training is a common practice now in gyms and for anyone looking to stay healthy, but you may not expect kids, especially young ones, to be lifting weights. Yet this is something that has become more popular in recent years. If done properly, many believe that weight training can play an important role in increasing strength along with helping bones of young children to develop properly, along with improving muscle coordination.

This activity has also been shown to help develop a healthy attitude towards exercising and health. But many parents still believe that children should not be doing weight lifting activities, saying that in kids their growth plates are still open and the distance between the plates is what allows kids to grow up.

The myth says that this type of physical activities would force the plates to close and lead to a diminutive growth, but according to recent studies, this is false. There are weight exercises labeled especially for children and these are not so much designed to build muscle, but instead the point is to increase muscle density which is a useful thing in young kids, helping them increase bone strength and other body repair mechanisms.

If done in the proper way, weight lifting can be useful as part of their daily activities and will help them in the future, even if they do not build muscles in the short term. The most appropriate age for kids to start this type of training is around 9 or 10 years old.

Some younger kids have been known to adapt, but usually this is the best age to begin. Before lifting weight, any kid should first follow a strict workout routine and be followed by a pediatrician so that the activities can be monitored. This will allow the most benefits to be imbued on the child, and teach them discipline and hard work.