Wave goodbye to trapped fingers with ‘Happy Hands’

Happy hands are set to help to keep a whole new generation of youngsters safe. According to the ROSPA, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 30,000 children a year trap and crush their fingers in doors at school, home, shops or at nursery, and more than 1500 of these will need surgery.

Step forward Happy Hands, a new and innovative product, it works in a unique way to keep little fingers out of harms way.

Happy Hands door stoppers are simply fixed on to a door with an adhesive pad and can simply be rotated to prevent the door closing on a child’s fingers. The Happy Hand can be rotated by an adult to a vertical position, allowing the door to be closed.

Happy Hands come in five vivid colours; red, pink, yellow, blue and green, plus white, RRP of £5.99 but available online from www.simplesafetysolutions.com at a discounted £3.95 (£7.50 for a pair).