Wardrobes that work for Busy Mums

Working mums don’t have time for several costume changes a day. Instead, it’s a case of making the same outfit work for all occasions, from the school gates to the office and then out on that rare night out with the girls.

A recent survey has shown 81% of working women experience frustrating ‘dead time’, (averaging over half an hour a day) where they feel stuck in between work and leisure and are unable to make the most of either. Almost two thirds of women wish they could use this for some much needed ‘me’ time while another fifth wish they could use this dead time to get some more work done in order to fully relax.

Whatever you want to do to transform your dead time, you need the wardrobe and the tools to make the most of it. The BBC Clothes Show’s Caryn Franklin has taken the three lucky winners of a national competition held in association with Vodafone Netbooks and given them just that. Incorporating workwear that fits equally well for that drink after work and allowing their outfits to reflect the increasingly blurring lines between ‘work’ & ‘life ‘

But it’s not just about shoes, bags and make-up – the latest tools to keep you in touch and on the pulse are vital life accessories that can kill off ‘dead-time’ and make a look work through the whole day wherever you are.

Here is a video montage of the three makeovers that help busy working mum’s juggle.

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