Wall’s appreciates mums

When it comes to selling sausages, who would know better about what tastes great than a two inch dog that carries a keyboard? From the days when sausage was first invented back in 1786 you can bet that dogs were running up behind stalls at the St. James Market in London attempting to steal their own slices of pork heaven straight off the grill.  Of course, Walls’ sausages have come a long way since then, and you can now pick it up at the supermarket in neat little individually wrapped packages instead of heading to the market, but you can bet the dog is still hiding behind the stall waiting for a child to drop a crumb.

For this reason, using Alan to sell Wall’s sausages is not quite as crazy as people may think, especially since the two inch bull dog mix is adorable with a cockney accent, a little keyboard, and a lot of attitude.  In the television adverts he sings his praise to those who help in the kitchen and in the streets, and is sure to have your kids rolling around on the floor laughing.  More importantly, if you have a hard time getting your toddler to finish their dinner before desert, this little canine may convince them that sausage is actually very tasty.

Head on over to the main website for Wall’s sausages and you will find an interactive advert that features a personalised measure from Alan and Jason Donavan that your kids will find delightful.  Simply type in your child’s name and upload a picture into the app and before long you can sit back and smile while your child beams at the song that the sausage dog is singing for him.  A few rounds with the app and you can bet your kids’ will be finishing their meals tonight!