Vulnerable Child Comic Relief Campaign

There is a new hard-hitting Comic Relief viral campaign that highlights the important role of family members who bring up vulnerable children who cannot live with their parents.

The campaign features a young child from a dysfunctional family. The viewer takes the role of social worker to decide whether the child should be placed with grandparents or an adoptive family. A subsequent clip reveals the outcome.

Some Key Facts include:

Approximately 25,000 grandparents over the age of 65 raise 30,000 grandchildren in the UK, saving an estimated £1.4 billion each year in foster care bills.

Approximately 200,000 family and friends care in the UK raising 300,000 children

In the UK, 73,000 children are looked after away from home and 2,300 children in care were placed for adoption in 2010

Rates of breakdown in adoption placements can range from 10-50%, depending on the age and needs of the child. Older children, tend to be harder to place for adoption.