Volunteering in the UK

There are a number of reasons people volunteer, whether it’s to have the opportunity to meet new people, or the motivation to help others. Whatever caused your initial interest in volunteering, you’ll see that the rewards of volunteering are vast.

With increasingly competitive markets and workforces, volunteer work provides an alternative approach to gaining essential work skills along with a wide range of life changing experiences.

In addition to this, volunteering is a great way to strengthen your CV because employers are aware that of the benefits volunteering can bring, as well as the commitment and self-motivation that is required. If you have a specific employer in mind then it may be worth considering them when choosing the particular type of volunteer work you take part in. Your employer will recognise the personal initiative that seeking voluntary placement requires.

Helping others can uplift your spirit like nothing else, a lot of evidence from recent studies has not only shown that volunteering makes the individual feel good, it can make people happier as a whole community. Areas where large numbers of people give up their free time for others have the highest standards of living, this conclusion was drawn from the low crime figures, better general health and students achieving higher GCSE grades than areas where volunteering was not as common. Along with this, regardless of the wealth or social classes of the community, volunteering still had a positive influence everywhere.

Studies using MRIs have also shown that volunteering is closely tied to personal happiness, showing that parts of the brain responsible for feeling reward were activated in people when they donated their time and money, even when paying their taxes! This same research found that happy people invest more time than unhappy people into good causes, such as not for profit, health-related and political organisations.  In short, happy people are more inclined to volunteer and volunteering adds to their happiness.

Whatever reason you volunteer, with the wide range of opportunities available, there is bound to be something that you feel is right for you. A major reason for volunteering being so popular, as well as the benefits, is that it is an opportunity for everyone and people willing to volunteer are always in demand regardless of if you are in Wiltshire and looking for volunteer options or in Scotland.