VINCI gadget for tots

The great new gadget that has got everyone talking about it, VINCI, is poised for release this week. All you tech-heads out there shouldn’t get too excited however, as this has been designed for infants. The VINCI was created by a telecom entrepreneur called Dan Yang Ph.D, who is also a mother. She is also the founder and current CEO of the Rullignet Corporation, which has its headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif.

Yang is also the founder of the Dowslake Microsystems Corp. and she has now decided to break into the lucrative market of educational technology with her invention of a tablet computer targeted at kids in the 0-4 age group. She first got the idea back in 2009 when she found her young daughter playing with a smartphone, and noticed how she was able to use the touchscreen much easier than the buttons.

The company’s website has released some interesting info about VINCI, telling us that it is a tablet style mobile computer with a touchscreen that has been designed with children safety as the primary concern. There is a protective handle with soft corners that is made from medical grade and non-toxic materials. Unlike adult versions, there is no Wi-Fi function on VINCI, thus minimizing any emissions and ensuring the safety of the young user.

It is powered by the Google Android system, and they are encouraging 3rd party developers to join in their efforts to develop inspirational and age specific games and ebooks. The patented hardware design of VINCI ensures that there is no compromise to your child’s safety as the design protects them from any injury by using only child friendly materials and ensuring that any emissions are minimised.