Vango gets kids camping like penguins

Vango has made camping even more exciting for young children this year by introducing the Wilderness Junior Penguin Sleeping Bag. For family camping trips or sleep-overs with friends, this sleeping bag will keep the little ones warm, comfy and most importantly happy!
The Wilderness Junior Penguin Sleeping Bag design is unique to Vango and offers a quality that ensures your children are snug on camping adventures. The shaped hood and elasticised opening keeps heads cosy, while the insulated zip baffle keeps out cold air and helps retain body heat.
No need to re-shuffle everything in the boot for this bag either, a 4-strap compression stuff sac and the mummy-shaped bag reduces the volume and surface area meaning it’s easier to squeeze in. You’ll also find a conveniently placed internal pocket which is perfect for phones, trinkets or even a tooth for the tooth fairy – so precious things don’t get lost in the night.
Make it easier to put the children to bed with the power of the penguin by tucking them up in this sleeping bag lined with 210T Microfibre Polyester – a soft touch microfiber that is cosy, snug and breathable. The zips on this sleeping bag are specially designed for children, grab loops ease zip movement and the zip guard helps prevent the zip from snagging on the lining.

Cara, age eight said: “My auntie helped me to get into the bag but I could do up the zip myself. I kept my mobile phone in the secret pocket inside. I slept really well. It was fun to sleep inside a penguin and the bag was warm. I felt happy because the sleeping bag had a hood that was like a pillow.”
Get away from it all and into the wilderness with this fun camping accessory!