Unforgettable Swims with Michael Phelps and Speedo

Sposnored Feature

There are two names synonymous with the sport of swimming; Michael Phelps and Speedo. Now they have joined forces for a great new campaign from the world famous swimwear manufacturer to get everyone to tell the story of their own unforgettable swim.

All swimmers have one, the unforgettable swim where everything goes perfectly and you come out of the water feeling on top of the world. It could be absolutely anything; you first unassisted length during swimming lessons, a marathon swim for charity or a competitive swim which sees you leave the water as champion.

Speedo has released a video featuring the Baltimore Bullet and winner of 9 Olympic Gold medals, Michael Phelps. He describes, in his own words, how when he was a kid of 7 he was frightened to put his face in the water, and how, when he got past that, he became a world record breaker at 15 and went on to become the phenomenal swimmer that he is known as today.

Speedo wants to know all about your own unforgettable swim, and the link beneath the video will take you straight to the website where you can tell the world about your own special moment and also read everyone else’s. You can choose to upload a video if you want, or just tell your story alongside a photo of yourself.

They are called unforgettable swims for a reason, they can instantly be recalled and create a memory that stays with you forever. So don’t keep your story to yourself, tell Speedo, and everyone else, about your own unforgettable swim.