Under 5’s have interesting views on the Queen and the Royal Family

2012 is a year that is seeing a lot of patriotism as the Olympic Games are being held in the UK and it is also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

For this reason, toy companies are beginning to capitalise on this and a company which creates miniature scooters for children have created a scooter that has a Union Jack theme.

The company also recently conducted a survey which involved over 700 children and it looked at whether the children recognise members of the Royal family. For the most part, the children, who were aged under five, recognised the Queen, but they were not so good at identifying other members of the Royal family.

Who is the Queen married to?

• Union Jack 39%

• Prince Philip 37%

• Prince Charles 24%

• Her husband 14%

Who is Prince Edward?

• A potato 47%

• The Queen’s son 21%

• A brand of salmon 20%

• A pub 12%

What does the Queen do?

• Help run the country 63%

• Travel & meet people 16%

• Clean Buckingham Palace 12%

• Have parties 9%

Why is our flag a red white and blue design?

• Queen’s favourite colours 64%

• America got first choice for the nicest

flag 15%

• They look nice together 6%

• Combined flags of England,

Wales & Scotland 5%

Why is everyone celebrating the Jubilee?

• Because the Queen is a diamond 35%

• Because the Queen has reigned for 60 years 35%

• Because of the Olympics 22%

• Because people like street parties 8%

How long has the Queen been on the throne?

• 60 years 54%

• 160 years 34%

• What’s a throne 10%

• 6 months 2%

www.micro-scooters.co.uk also took on board children’s views on colourways for their new range of Union Jack scooters. Young children didn’t want scooters featuring the British flag – instead they wanted blocks of red, white and blue teamed with black.

However, they gave the thumbs up to a range of cool Britannia-themed accessories including Union Jack bottle holders and bags.