UK’s first children’s charity shown support by Richard E Grant, Jacqueline Wilson and Lisa Faulkner

Celebrities Richard E Grant, Jacqueline Wilson and Lisa Faulkner have pledged support for children’s charity Coram. Together with families and other charity supporters the celebrities have left personal pledges writing on the new online supporter wall.

The celebrity line-up includes Lisa Faulkner, who adopted her daughter through Coram, whose pledge reads: “My sister and I had what I’d describe as a pretty amazing childhood… I feel blessed I was able to adopt my beautiful daughter and become the mummy that my mum was to me.”

The new Dr Who, Peter Capaldi, singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor and CBBC presenter Cerrie Burnell have also put their names to the pledge.

Peter Capal di reflected on his childhood chances: “Some children’s lives are turned around by a single chance: the right teacher, the revelation of a talent, a day away stepping into the world beyond their own. For me, every day was an opportunity. Brought up by a loving family: safe, always encouraged and cared for, the world was open to me from the start. Every child deserves that.”

Coram was created by Royal Charter in 1739 after its founder, Thomas Coram, appealed to the public to sign a petition, which he presented to King George II. The charity today is marking its 275th anniversary by calling on people to stand up again for today’s ‘invisible’ children, as Thomas Coram did all those years ago.

Coram Chief Executive, Dr Carol Homden said “Thomas Coram saw people walking past innocent babies being abandoned to die on London’s streets and ignoring them. He refused do the same and successfully created Coram as the Foundling Hospital, saving thousands of lives.

“Today, we still fight for children who badly need our help. We find adoptive families for those waiting in care, we stand up for children in the care system whose voices are not being heard and we protect their legal rights.

  “Thomas Coram changed the course of history and we hope people will be inspired to add their name to the pledge wall and stand up for today’s invisible children.”

Actor, Richard E Grant’s pledge tells of his love for his daughter, reminding supporters that not every child had the benefit of a safe, caring home: “There is nothing that I would not do for my child. I would lose a limb if it protected her from pain, forsake anything and everything to help her when needs be. The prospect of not having parental love and support when you’re starting out in life is unimaginably isolating and lonely and that’s why Coram is so essential and life enhancing. Please pledge and support in any way you can.”

Coram’s pledge wall has already received over 200 messages of support from celebrities and members of the public.

Leading children’s book author, Jacqueline Wilson pledged: “ It’s wonderful to know that Coram is still helping so many children 275 years after Thomas Coram first started his very special Foundling Hospital. 

I’ve written a whole series of books about a fierce little foundling child called Hetty Feather. It’s good that so many people have taken her to their hearts.

It’s even better that Coram is caring for so many real life vulnerable children nowadays. I’ve seen for myself how Coram can turn their lives around. ”

Chart-topper, Sophie Ellis Bextor, performed for Coram as a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall, along with Lily Allen and Queen’s Brian May. Sophie said: “How incredible is it was that when the Royal Albert Hall was built, Coram had already been helping children for 140 years! Amazing.”

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