Twinings Diamond Jubilee Tea Blend

When people think of the United Kingdom, they’ll probably think of two major institutions, the Royal family and tea. These are two things that we have become internationally famous for and this year marks the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. There are many events being organised this year in order to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and people will be buying many special types of typically British foods to enjoy during the occasion.

One of the best things you can do to celebrate this landmark year is to purchase tea that has been specially created in order to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. A Diamond Jubilee tea blend is a way to celebrate the anniversary of the coronation of the Queen in a unique way.

What better place would there be to look for tea than the famous British tea company, Twinings. This company recently introduced this range of tea which is a blend of some of the finest loose-leaf teas. The tea has been blended by the experts at Twinings to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the different teas are available in a wide range of options.

When you buy this tea, you are not only going to be buying a wonderfully refreshing beverage, but you’re also going to be buying a piece of history. The tea comes in a special caddy that has been designed to celebrate the occasion and it is available in three different colours blue, green and pink.

The tea caddies are delightfully decorated and the gold decorations around each box are very reminiscent of tea caddies that were popular in the past. The tea caddies can either come in cube or cylinder shapes, depending on which you prefer.

Of course, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee can also be a good excuse to give people gifts, and if you are looking for the perfect gift to give them this tea would be it. If you’re feeling generous, it is also possible to give the tea is part of the gift set, as it can come in a three pack which will include all of the different colours of tea.

The tea is an Assam blend which comes from China. It is a very popular tea in the UK and has been drunk ever a very long time. It is known for its rich malty flavour but smooth and mellow taste, if you are seeking a tea which tastes typically British, then this is it. More specifically, the tea is sourced from the Brahmaputra Valley and only the finest tea leaves are picked and exported for use in the beverage.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift to celebrate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth being on the throne, or looking for a delightful tea to make a celebratory dinner more perfect, this tea is the perfect choice for you. Available as a single item, or in a three pack, and in three different colours, there is sure to be an option to suit your needs.

Article published on behalf of Twinings who also produce both Green Tea and White Tea.