Treat your tootsies during pregnancy!

Your pregnancy is a really special time for you, your mind and body are preparing for motherhood and everything about you is changing. The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and women often ignore the changes in their feet.

Did you know that many women’s feet increase in size by one or two show sizes during pregnancy? This is the result of hormones being released in the body to enable the ligaments in the birth canal to relax.

Ligaments in the feet also relax causing the feet to lengthen and widen. Many women also suffer with foot problems during their pregnancy, due to increased pressure exerted on their feet as a result of weight gain. The most common conditions are Over-Pronation and Edema, which can lead to pain at the heel, arch and ball of the foot.

Often referred to as flat feet, Over-Pronation occurs when the arch of the foot flattens whilst bearing extra weight. This can make walking extremely painful and increase strain on the feet, calves and back. Edema can become a problem in the latter months of the pregnancy and is also known as swelling in the feet. Feet become swollen because of the displacement of water fluid in the body.

Follow these tips to prevent suffering from these conditions so you can enjoy your pregnancy to the full:

Put your feet up – wherever possible elevate your feet, if you have to sit for extended periods of time rest your feet on a stool to elevate them.
Let your feet breathe – do not wear footwear or socks that constrict your feet.
Keep on the move – regular exercise will improve your overall health and circulation, if you have to sit for lengthy periods of time walk about occasionally to aid circulation.
Measure up – have your feet measured regularly throughout your pregnancy as your feet are likely to grow.
Watch what you eat – avoid foods that are high in salt as these can cause water retention.
Soak it up – keep hydrated, this will actually prevent water retention.
Cushion comforts – to prevent the pain on the heel and ball of the foot use Kiwi Smiling Feet cushions. The transparent gel ball of foot and heel of foot cushions will target the main areas affected by Over-Pronation and Edema.

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