Treasure Hunt Ideas for Kids — At Home and On Holiday

If you’re looking for a fun, creative activity to keep kids entertained and curious about the world, there’s nothing like a good treasure hunt. Kids love the sense of discovery and adventure that comes with following a chain of clues to discover hidden treasures. Especially in this day and age, treasure hunts take children away from the virtual world of computer games, and encourage them to engage with the physical world around them. They can also fire up a child’s imagination about a particular topic, so they learn more with each new clue.  Treasure hunts are great bonding activities, encouraging children to solve problems together — and they can also be a lot of fun for parents like us to devise!

So why not incorporate a treasure hunt into your next holiday or children’s party? There are lots of treasure hunt ideas for kids online – ranging from pirates to Ancient Egypt to magical kingdoms. And if you’re looking for the next time and place to stage a treasure hunt for your children, here are a few suggestions:


These days, with the rise of glamping, it’s possible to camp in the great outdoors with relative ease and comfort. There’s nothing like camping to introduce kids to the wonders of nature. And a campsite is the ideal place to stage a treasure hunt. You can have a safari or a forest theme, where each clue introduces the kids to a local plant, a bird’s nest, a cluster of mushrooms, a waterfall, even the top of a hill where they can enjoy a great view of the landscape! They can collect leaves, flowers, rocks, or take a photo — these are all natural treasures that kids can learn to appreciate.

Birthday parties

A fun treasure hunt can be the highlight of your child’s next birthday party. Don’t hesitate to build the hunt around something that fascinates your child. Whether that’s dinosaurs, princesses, football, animals — all it takes is a little bit of research and preparation, and your child will have the time of his or her life, collecting small presents with each new clue of the treasure hunt. Be sure to have treasures that each of your child’s guests can take home, too, and it’ll be a birthday party that they’ll never forget.

Visiting the Grandparents

One way for your child to learn more about their family history is through a treasure hunt. When you visit your parents or parents-in-law, a thoughtful treasure hunt can take your kids on a tour of objects, each packed with family memories: the piano where you practiced every day as a child, the athletic trophies you won, the wedding photo of your parents, the graduation photo of your brother or sister. It’s a great way for your kids to feel connected to their extended family, and learn the stories of their relatives. Just make sure the older generation is ok to have a treasure hunt through their house!


When the weather outside is cold and dark at Christmas, a great way for your children and their cousins to stay entertained is with an indoor treasure hunt. This will extend the Christmas fun even more, after presents have been opened. It’ll keep the kids busy while dinner is being prepared and better yet, it can become a family tradition they look forward to every year!

There’s no end to treasure hunt ideas for kids — almost any occasion can be suitable for a cleverly devised treasure hunt. It’s a great way for you to stay creative as a parent, and for your kids to stay interested and curious about the world.