Travelling with a baby just got easier with Travel Tots UK

Travelling with a baby can be frustrating, but now there is Travel Tots UK to make travelling with even a newborn simple and less exhausting.

If you know you will be traveling soon simply head over to and pre-order anything your child could need while on holiday. Options include sun cream, formula, pureed fruit, shampoo and more. The advantage to using the service is that Travel Tots UK will pack everything up and deliver it promptly to your holiday destination before you arrive.

This will save parents from the luggage fees of carrying all of their infant and toddler gear since there is not luggage allowance for children that are two years of age or smaller. Plus, it prevents you from forgetting any key items of losing any of your pouches or baby milk to luggage mishaps. By ensuring all you need will already be waiting for you at your holiday destination you can simply kick back and enjoy your family holiday.

Travel Tots UK deliver to private holiday homes, hotels, yachts and rented villas across the world, from the Canary Islands to Costa Rica, Nepal to New Zealand*. All packages are sent safely wrapped and are tracked at every stage of their journey.

The company offers a wide range of trusted brands including Aptamil, Cow & Gate, Hipp Organic, Heinz, Ella’s Kitchen and SMA – perfect for sensitive stomachs or children with allergies that rely on tried and tested products often unavailable in foreign supermarkets.

Travel Tots UK is the brainchild of a former private maternity nurse, Kimberely Berry. She says, “The health and happiness of a baby whilst away can make or break a family holiday.

With the stress of trying to get everyone ready to leave, it’s easy to over pack or forget the baby milk. This service aims to provide parents with the guarantee that their baby’s key needs have been met before they even leave the house.”

To find out more or to place an order, please log onto