Tracey Beaker Returns now out on DVD

The 7th DVD from the top-rating CBBC series Tracy Beaker, Tracey Beaker Returns is now out. The DVD includes the complete first series of Tracy Beaker Returns including 2 discs with over 6 hours of content, featuring interviews with Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt and characters from the show. Also features some illustration top tips from Nick Sharratt & 4 exclusive postcards!

In this really cool new DVD, Tracey Beaker is back at the ‘Dumping Ground’ except this time she is working there as an assistant care worker; how crazy is that?! As usual, things get really complicated, like when she is arrested…and that’s just the beginning! So you’ll see, with Tracey Beaker back on the scene, there’s plenty more drama and fun times with Mike, Cam, Gina and all the gang!

Tracy Beaker Returns was the winner of a British Academy Children’s Award for drama in 2010! Also it has been shortlisted for Best Children’s Drama for The Royal Television Society.   This is the 7th DVD

Previous Tracey Beaker series titles included “Best of Me”, “More of Me”, “Starring Me”, “Totally Me”, “Movie of Me” and “Farewell from Me!”

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