Toy retailers slammed by health groups for using chemicals in production

Toy retailers are getting additional pressure placed on them by mother’s health advocacy groups to stop creating products that have chemicals that could be potentially harmful. Chemicals such as phthalates and Bisphenol A are still common materials used in plastic toys even though there are links to the chemicals and neurological effects, cancer, and fertility issues.

In 2007 Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a law in California in the US that banned the use of phthalates but since then only some local bans have been enforced. However, in the last few years more nad more health advocacy groups are taking a stand with mothers in an uproar over child’s manufacturers that are still using the chemicals.

Most parents think that they can purchase any toy at the store because they hear about regulations all of the time so they think that it is safe to buy something if it is available. However, mother Bobbi chase Wilding and group activist stated that it is hard to tell at the store whether a product is safe or not and without the right research it might very well not be. She added that since manufacturers have over 80,000 chemicals they can choose to use they oftentimes will just swap out a toxin that has been attracting bad publicity.

Mother Alexandra Zissu started actively looking into chemicals in toys almost a decade ago and today only buys toys made with organic materials. She explained that although people are becoming more aware of the damage that negative chemicals can bring with them, there are still not enough natural alternatives on the market to offer people choices.

In addition, many of the ingredient lists or toy packaging slips do not say what chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process making it hard for even discerning parents to make the right choice.