Topamax drug may not be good for pregnant women

Migraine sufferers are well aware of the debilitating effect an attack may have on their normal everyday lives. Many medications are now available to ease the effects of pain associated with migraine and in some cases they may even act as a preventative.

Topamax, one of these drugs, has unfortunately been linked to child defects where a woman has taken this while pregnant. This has raised the question of drugs and their suitability for pregnant women. Some pleasing news is that for many thousands of women pregnancy itself can ease the pain associated with migraine. The hormone estrogen, does have some part in this although researchers are not sure why.

Migraine headaches in some women may not ease and in some cases pain may increase. Tracking each occasion of migraine is important and in particular any cause that may have precipitated the attack, such as sleeping habits, stress or a change in diet.

Pregnant women who experience migraine attacks should consult their doctor as there is some indication that the headache could be caused by Pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy-induced hypertension.

Many anti-migraine drugs should be avoided by pregnant women. Some drugs have been connected to defects in the fetus and other complications. Topamax, for instance, may cause cleft palate and cleft lip. Any drug taken during pregnancy should be properly prescribed and assessed by a medical doctor.