Top creativity tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Now that the sun is starting to shine down on us and that summer feeling is kicking in, many parents will be planning on makeovers to certain rooms in the house. Usually it’s the living room or in some cases your child’s bedroom that’s the first for change, after a years’ worth of carnage your child’s room more often than not needs more than a lick of paint. Decorating your child’s room can be an exciting experience for both you and your kids, you have the ability to be imaginative and creative as you like. Whichever creative theme or colours you choose it’s vital that you reflect your child’s personality through the colours and or theme. It’s advised to create a bright and welcoming space, here are a few tips for either a girl or boy’s bedroom ideas on how to create the ideal living space for your loved one.


Long gone are the days of nursery’s and rooms being painted to the old clichés of baby blue for boys and pink for girls. It’s important that you try to avoid the commonly used themes to add a touch of your child’s personality within the space. Bright colours are now leading the way and can give your child’s room a more contemporary approach and feel. With more and more crazier decorating ideas out there you really have a lot to choose from, some great examples are; the rain forest, space, the circus, the fairground, the sky, a race track or even a castle. Most of the previous themes can be achieved effortlessly will pre-printed wallpaper ready to order online from outlets around the world within just a few clicks. Whatever you decide to choose, your child is certain to love it, simply because you love it.

Bright Colours

Colours that keep your child calm and relaxed such as soft pale colours can help your child feel comfortable with the changes you are going to implement. If you decide to stick to the safer colour consider adding splashes of bright colour around the room, this can be achieved by adding pictures, lava lamps, funky furniture and colourful pillows and bed sheets. Kids and always fascinated by the brighter shades and may even enjoy them, so if you are looking at primary colours ensure you they have a splash of colour or a pattern attached.

Wall Decals

A great new feature that allows parents to change the image on a wall within minutes is wall decals, these decals enable you to chop and change images as and when your child grows out of a particular picture or design. The great thing about these is they can be change quickly and the don’t cost and arm and a leg to purchase. There is a large choice available from themes such as television characters, super heroes, animals, princess and many more. Wall decals really do give you the opportunity to create the perfect space for your special one.

Window Treatments

In your child’s space it’s often best to opt for blinds rather than curtains, curtains can be dangerous if you have children running around as they can be pulled down, your child could get caught up in them and more often than not they can be a trip hazard. A safer option is the installation cheap roman blinds as they fit securely inside the window, leaving nothing to get tangle up in for the child. The benefit or blinds is that they cannot be reached with ease and more often than not they are meters away from reaching the cords. Another great reason for using blinds is that they come in many shapes, sizes, colours, fabrics, themes and textures, providing you will a difficult decision to make.

Another great way of creating a fun space is the inclusion of family photos in to their rooms, this will help them remember or recognise their family which may be difficult if they live far away and can’t see them on a regular basis. This is a great and unique way of triggering stories which involve their relatives, helping your child remember those loved ones past and present. I hope these tips have given you a few ideas on how to be creative when it comes to decorating your children’s bedroom.