Toothbrush Germs: Help at Hand

We all know that there are areas in our homes that harbour germs, and we do our best to bleach and scrub them away so there is no chance of any harm coming to our loved ones. The thing is that one of the worst places for germs is our toothbrush, yet even when loaded with the heaviest of colds we carry on using the same brush throughout the illness and also when we have recovered.

Colgate want to highlight the problem of the nasties lurking in the innocent looking bristles of a toothbrush, and have released a fun and informative video to get the message across. Dave is brushing his teeth before bed, like you do, and when he’s finished he lays his brush down ready for the morning, like you also do. The problem is that there are beasties in that brush, as we are soon about to discover.

The bristles are forced apart and several multi coloured and pretty unattractive germs clamber out. They then have a discussion on why Dave is so thick and after having a cold is still using the same toothbrush where the germs that have come from him will go straight back in where they came from. This is likely to shock many as; after all, who would have thought you could catch cold from your own toothbrush?

It also serves to show how good the Colgate 360° toothbrush range is at removing not only plaque and debris but also germs. Although we are always being told to replace our toothbrushes every 3 months, as after that the bristles lose their dexterity, few actually do but this ad should get the message across loudly and clearly that if you have had any kind of cold or flu its time to bin that brush for a new, germ free model.