Too many babies are being stuck in front of the TV to keep them quiet

According to a recent study, quite a number of babies spend more than 2 hours of their day in front of TVs, especially if their mums are TV addicts and are on the heavy side. This also happens when the babies are active or being fussy and are stuck in front of the television to keep them quiet.

Amanda Thompson, the senior study author of the research, who is also an anthropology assistant profession in Chapel Hill’s University of North Carolina, stated that many mothers use television as an outlet or a primary way to soothe their babies whom they find difficult.

Another study showed that watching television at such an early stage of a child’s life can be harmful as it can cause a delay in developmental milestones that are very important for the baby. The study was conducted under Thompson’s supervision, and her team monitored more than 200 mother and baby pairs who belong to the low-income class. These pairs also took part in an obesity risk study in infants, where the families were monitored at home.

The researchers found babies who were no more than 3 months old parked right in front of television sets for more or less 3 hours every day. 40% of the infants enrolled in the study were exposed to more than 3 hours of television until they were at least a year old.

Thompson’s research group found that the mothers who were overweight or morbidly obese, whose baby was fussy, and who herself was a TV addict were most likely to park their children in front of the television. The research also found that mothers who have had more education were more likely to turn their television sets off during family meals.

The study concluded that the mothers who suffer from obesity are more likely to suffer from depression and are inactive. These type of mothers are more inclined to be glued to TV shows, which makes their children exposed to more hours in front of the TV as well.