Toddler saved by electricity workers trying to collect money for unpaid bill

Electricity company workers came upon an unwelcome surprise when they attempted to collect an unpaid bill from a 24 year old mother and found her child just hours from death. The toddler was apparently left at home by his mother while she went out to take drugs and drink with friends.

The workers discovered the two year old toddler in his freezing bedroom wearing a soiled nappy, starving, ill, and noticeably shivering. The mother was sentenced to jail for 16 months this week by the Leicester Crown Court after she admitted to willful abandonment, neglect, and two separate counts of child cruelty.

The woman stated that over the past year she had left her toddler alone in her home on five to six different occasions. On one of these occasions that took place in November the child was reportedly left by himself for two days while the mother stayed her with her boyfriend.

The power company had a warrant and entered the home on February 16th and discovered the boy starving in his room by himself in a very cold bedroom. The workers immediately called police and the paramedics to attend to the boy.

When the police woke him up apparently the little child just wanted ‘up up’ and a police officer picked him up and fed his some biscuits before he was taken away to the Leicester Royal Infirmary for treatment.

The hospital reported that the child had low blood sugar and was hypothermic brought on by starvation and the cold conditions of his room. Untreated, the low blood sugar would have led to seizures, coma, and then death over the next few hours.