Tips for taking your family on holiday

Taking your children on a family holiday can sometimes seem like quite a daunting task but being simply being prepared and spending a little bit of time looking around your accommodation there are a number of ways in which you can protect your holiday from bumps, scratches or general accidents while on holiday.

Before you leave home:

Ensure that you have valid travel insurance booked and check any exclusion such as water sports and other general activities.

Apply for and receive EHIC cards for the family. This will allow for some of your treatment to be covered should you be hospitalised while travelling in a European country. All members of your family, providing they are entitled to UK passports, will be eligible for one of these and you should carry these with you while in a European country just in case.

Once you arrive at your accommodation:

Move any furniture around to ensure that sharp edges are facing walls, that furniture is not a slip or trip hazard and that you have covered up any potentially dangerous areas or even had the furniture moved completely.

Tape up any sharp corners on furniture or perhaps ask at your hotel reception for them to do this for you or perhaps provide an alternative piece of furniture.

Move blind cords or other long wires that could be a hazard and try to think about anything that could potentially be grabbed by your child and present a choking hazard.

Use plug protectors to cover any plug sockets and you can pack some of these in your suitcase to save yourself the hassle of having to find them while in another country.

Check underneath the beds for any pieces of dirt or debris that your child could end up eating or playing with.

Pack some cable ties or something similar so that you may close any doors that do not have locks and ensure that you lock any doors that can be locked and put their keys in a designated place.

Look out for hazards or climbing items near windows and doors to ensure that your children are not able to climb up and open windows or doors by themselves.

Do not leave your child unsupervised if you would not leave them unsupervised in that room at home. Remember that bathrooms can be terribly hazardous places with hot water, razors, electrical items, heaters and other items being ways for your child to injure themselves. Also remember to keep the toilet lid closed at all times and pack a child lock for that if possible from home.

Basically you should be looking out for any of the hazards that could present themselves like they would at home. Nothing dangerous should be left within reach of your child and they should never be left alone or unsupervised regardless of the reason why. As long as you prepare in advance and use some common sense you should be able to have a wonderfully relaxing family holiday after spending just a short amount of time ensuring that your accommodation is child proof.

Article courtesy of Netflights