Tips for removing stubborn stains

However careful you are, inevitably there will be times when you are faced with various stubborn stains and be in a quandary as to how to remove them. Food, drink, grass, mud, make up, blood, oil and grease, there are numerous things just waiting to attach itself to our clothes and refuse to budge. As frustrating as it is, if you know how to treat the stains then they are removable, and the clothes won’t be destined for the rubbish bin.

Food and tea stains are very common, and the rule with these, as with all stains, is to try and treat them before they dry. Now this may seem impossible at times, for example, if you are out for a family picnic and your child seems to be developing stains before your eyes, but with a little forward thinking you can catch the stain in time to completely remove it.

One of the best stain removal tips for the likes of juice, coke etc is to treat them immediately with cold water. This dilutes the stain and by doing this carefully directly on the mark and not rubbing outside of it will prevent it from spreading and ultimately make the removal easier. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you and a change of clothes for your youngsters so the garment can be removed and treated immediately.

If they have gone skidding down a hill and are covered in grass or mud stains, these need to be treated in completely different ways. For the grass stains, turn once more to the trusty water. Wet the stains without rubbing them and keep them wet until you can get home and put them in the wash with a quality stain remover. Where mud is concerned, let it dry completely then shake off the excess, then wash with the stain remover as above.

As far as adult are concerned, wine and cosmetics are most frequently cited as the hardest stains to remove. Red wine stains should be treated with salt if you have any handy, if not, it should be dabbed with a wet paper towel or cloth to dilute it and lift it from the fabric.

If you have spilt blusher or eye shadow on yourself, shake it off, never rub it, if it is oily, such as foundation, use clean water and dab it gently to get the thick of it out before washing with a stain remover.