TinyTalk baby signing classes

More and more young families are attending TinyTalk. It’s an organisation that offers classes in baby signing and singing, followed by playtime and refreshments and it appears to be a very winning combination. As one mother put it: “I think that mums have always been after classes with their babies, but now they are being much more choosey. I guess that we are all after the same thing though: a class that is good quality, good value and above all else, supportive of my family and good fun! TinyTalk offers all of this in bucket loads!”

The use of sign language with babies has been a growing trend since it was first introduced to the UK by TinyTalk, back in 2002. Basic signs and gestures, used alongside speech, enables babies to understand others better- and helps them to express themselves better, long before they can talk. The 2004 Hollywood movie, ‘Meet the Fockers’ (in which Robert De Niro’s character teaches his grandson to baby sign) highlighted just how mainstream baby signing was across the US. The UK is catching up fast, thanks to TinyTalk.

Katie Mayne, founder of TinyTalk, an ex-primary school teacher and a mother of two, explains the increasing demand for baby signing classes. “Babies understand and are able to communicate far earlier than they’re able to clearly pronounce words. Signing helps ease the frustration that can come from this, by giving them the tools to say exactly what they want and what they’re thinking about. It also gives children the confidence to make attempts to say words as they just feel so happy to be understood!” Families often report feeling a much closer bond with their children as baby signing provides a ‘window to their baby’s mind’, a way to have a much deeper understanding of them.

TinyTalk classes have gone from strength to strength over the last 7 years. There are now over 400 weekly classes across the UK, from Aberdeen to the Isle of Wight, to over 6000 families. In fact, such is the popularity of the fun and social classes that the 125-strong teaching team has now spread to Ireland and the United Arab Emirates, with TinySign classes also being taught in Australia and New Zealand.

As Mayne says: “With more mums needing to return to work, we’re delighted that our Teaching Opportunity is proving so popular. What we offer is quite rare- a chance to work with your baby alongside you (and no childcare costs to consider either!) Many mums just enjoy signing so much with their own babies that they are keen to ‘pass it on’, inspiring other families to reap the enormous benefits of baby singing. You also run your own business as part of a very strong, supportive team. You get the best of both worlds!

Being a TinyTalk teacher is not only worthwhile, financially rewarding and social, it’s very family-friendly too. The majority of our teachers take their babies to classes with them, so spend quality time with their little ones whilst working. They also have the flexibility to run their classes to fit around school, so they’re still available for their older children and their most important job- Mummy! For many mums who are returning to work, becoming a Tiny Talk Teacher is the ultimate lifestyle choice.”

So, when the going gets tough, the tough are off to TinyTalk- to enjoy their fun and supportive baby signing classes or to join their successful teaching team! To join them or for more information about the Classes or the Teaching Opportunity, visit the TinyTalk website: www.tinytalk.co.uk or ring 01483 301444.