ThunderCats exclusive on iTunes from 5th September

Whether you were a fan or not of the original animated classic from the 1980’s Thundercats, you won’t want to miss the latest reimagining of it. It has now landed in the UK and from the 5th September was available to download from iTunes. The brand new animated series combines science and swords and there are ferocious battles taking places with high stakes. A new episode will be available every week on iTunes, before it hits the television screens of Britain on September 11th.

The original Thundercats told the story of the ascension of Prince Lion-O to the throne, and how his enemies were prepared to pay any price to thwart his destiny, and these tales take on epic proportions with this new telling. The forces of good and evil go head to head in the quest to gain the fabled ‘Stones of Power’, and Lion-O and his champions all learn valuable lessons in honour, mortality and loyalty in each episode.

This 21st century reimagining also marks a new creative collaboration between Studio4°C, one of the most innovative animation studios within Japan and WBA. The latter is making good use of the former’s expertise in utilising the characters and giving them a cutting edge new look, while staying loyal to the mythology and compelling storylines of the original series.

As ThunderCats roars to life through the use of the Japanese animated artistry of anime, the characters of Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, Cheetara and others will spring off the screen with realistic catlike characteristics inconceivable in previous incarnations.

Download the first episode of ThunderCats exclusively on iTunes from 5th September, and look out for new episodes available each week.

ThunderCats will launch on Cartoon Network on 10th September.