Throwing a Magical Children’s Birthday Party

A magical birthday party is very exciting for children. Listening, reading and watching fairy tales are thrilling enough for kids, how much more dressing up and playing as their favorite magical characters with their friends. That would be so much fun!

There are many magical themes to choose from. Parents and children, if they are old enough, should decide ahead of time what the party theme would be. Whether it will be fairies or prince and princesses, preparations should begin early. If you’re a parent throwing a magical party for your child, remember that it’s your little boy’s or girl’s celebration, so he or she should help decide what the party would be like. Among the themes to choose from are movies like Little Mermaid, Hansel and Gretel, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Shrek and Frog Prince.

Invitations should be sent out early. Not only to ensure that your guests save that day for you, but also to provide them with ample time to get their costumes. Note that a princess gown or a fairy dress is not a usual part of everyone’s wardrobe, so these outfits will most likely be purchased or borrowed. For beautiful and themed birthday invitations and thank you notes, visit Ballistic Blue.

The party’s venue and decorations should also be in sync with the theme. A Narnia party would be nice in a garden or forest setting. A princess party would be nice in a hall or ballroom, with painted towers and castle walls.

Games and party activities should also be magical. A role playing game will surely entertain children and adults alike. In assigning games, group children according to their age and assign games accordingly. A magician and character entertainers with a bagful of tricks will definitely add fun to the celebration.

Most children are picky eaters, and they would just pick what catch their eyes during a party. For this reason, party foods for kids are usually small-sized, colorful and fun-shaped. These foods include sausage rolls, mini sandwiches and burgers, quirky biscuits and cookies, mini pizzas, cut up fruits, cupcakes, jelly, chicken strips and meat balls. Even if you are hiring a caterer for the festivities, be sure to know the ingredients of the foods being served. There might be some guests with allergy to certain foods. You should know which is which when the parents ask.

The birthday cake is usually the centerpiece of the food on the table. The cake should be decorated according to the party theme, in colorful and fun way. A delicious whimsical cake will certainly delight the kids.

A fantastic goody bag is a must in every birthday celebration. Handing out a party bag to your guests is a great way to conclude a magical bash. Goody bags may contain sweet treats, pictures, mini toys, puzzles, art supplies, stickers and other cute items. So, next time you’re throwing a party for your kids, consider a magical celebration.