Third Miffy iPad app launches in the UK on iTunes

The 3rd Miffy app for the iPad, featuring the classic Dick Bruna character from a host of children’s books is now available to download for £2.99 from iTunes.

This app, Miffy at School, looks set to follow on from the success of the first 2 Miffy apps; Miffy’s Garden which shot to the top UK iPad book charts in February and Miffy Goes Flying which was released in July.

All 3 of the apps have been produced by Sanoma Media, in conjunction with Mercis, Dick Bruna’s publishers. The emphasis is continuing to be on fun, simplicity and learning through playing, and the apps are all aimed specifically at toddlers and pre-schoolers.

In the Miffy at school app, children can do sums, trace lines, count beads and draw pictures. There are clear instructions explaining what to do. Very young children will enjoy listening to the story being read aloud and looking at the pictures, while older children can actively participate.

This Miffy app contains the following interactive elements:

The story read out loud, with lively animation which responds to a child’s touch

A facility to allow parents or children to have fun recording their own voice reading the story

3 interactive games, comprising:

Build the highest tower in the Building with Blocks game

Find the matching pairs of pictures in the Memory game

Colour in your own drawing and then send it as an e-card!

Suitable for children aged 2 years and up.

Miffy’s Dutch creator, Dick Bruna commented when the first Miffy app was launched earlier this year: “It is 57 years since I first drew Miffy on paper, so I’m delighted that she is now being introduced to a whole new generation of readers in this way.

The app gives children the chance to interact with the book and enjoy the Miffy character through the games. Anything which makes the learning to read experience more fun and involving is really rather wonderful.” There are plans for more of Dick Bruna’s stories to be created into apps in the future.

The app is available in two languages: English and Dutch. You can download the App here: