Things To Look Out For When Buying a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can be equipped with a lot of functions and it is often difficult to determine in advance which ones you are going to use and what not. Or maybe you want to buy one as a gift. That makes it even more difficult to assess which functions the new parents will appreciate.

Marmitek have introduced a solution; the BabyView 725! This video baby monitor is equipped with all the functions listed below, yet only costs 129.95 euros.
What choices do you have when buying a baby monitor?
Video or no video

There are baby monitors with and without video. With video, you will always be in contact with your baby and you can see whether your baby is asleep or awake, or why your baby is crying.

Analogue or digital transmission

There are two types of transmission: analogue and digital. Analogue is susceptible to interference, and, especially in neighbourhoods with many families, there is a chance that sounds from another baby monitor will be picked up. Digital has no interference and has a wide range. Because the camera and monitor are linked, it will also provide you with 100% privacy.


Only a few baby monitors have touchscreen controls. Touchscreens simplify the installation and daily operation.

Audio and video activation (VOX)

Some baby monitors transmit continuously. However, other baby monitors only do this when sound is detected. As a result, you minimise radiation and save energy. If desired, you can always turn on the screen for a while, or continuously.

Adjustable sensitivity of the baby unit

This controls the volume level that will trigger a notification. It prevents the baby monitor from being activated at every sound.

Night vision

A nursery is often dark, so the baby can sleep well. If you require good visibility in the dark, choose a video baby monitor with an automatic infrared night vision function.

Talkback function

The talkback function allows you to talk to your baby through the baby monitor.


The camera usually works on mains power, since it is in a stationary set-up. Prior to purchase, please make sure that the power cord is long enough.

The parent unit is often portable. This allows you to take it along with you into the garden. It automatically charges when you plug it into the socket. Should you prefer that the baby monitor also works in charging mode, make sure that this is the case with the model you choose.


Indoors, a baby monitor often has excellent range. However, if you have a lot of thick walls and floors through which the signal must pass, or if the baby monitor needs to cover a greater distance, make sure that the baby monitor has sufficient range on purchase. There are baby monitors with up to 150 metres range. This is often measured without including any walls that may limit the range.

Out of range indicator

Does the baby monitor issue a warning when the parent unit is positioned too far from the baby unit? This feature will prevent failure to receive signals on the parent unit.

Battery indicator

A battery indicator enables you to estimate how much longer the battery will last.

Temperature warning

The ideal temperature in a nursery is 16 to 18 degrees. If the baby monitor is equipped with a temperature gauge, you can always monitor the temperature in the nursery. The warning feature allows you to set a notification when the temperature goes above or below the set temperature.

Night light

Choosing a baby monitor with an integrated night light allows you to switch the night light on and off, without entering the nursery. Also, you need one less electrical outlet compared to a separate night light.


Choose a baby monitor with lullabies to start a song in the nursery from the living room.


When a baby monitor is expandable, it means that multiple cameras can be connected to 1 monitor. This allows you to monitor multiple children’s rooms simultaneously.

Volume indicator lights

Lights indicate the noise level in the nursery. Thus, you do not have to lower the sound of your TV to hear the baby monitor, and you won’t have to hold the baby monitor to your ear when you have loud visitors.
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