The trials of single parents

Being a single mother is definitely a great challenge and there are times that it will push you to your limits. You may find that your life seems in disarray and yet nothing under control and you feel you lack the necessary skills to be an adequate parent.

It is important to understand that there are many different ways for treating children of different ages. The way you handle a 16-year-old boy is going to be very different from the way you handle a four-year-old. For example if you tell a 16-year-old to sit in a chair and think about their actions they will probably mock you but then for a four-year-old this seems like a serious punishment. It is a good idea to be aware of the different punishments and rewards that are effective for different age groups.

Single parents should not worry about how to implement this as there is a great deal of literature in print as well as online about how to handle the parenting situation when you are alone. One of the major problems that single mothers find is that too much of the parenting documentation is about families with two parents however,and not enough of experts out there are offering advice for those going it alone.

There are several support groups however and many of these have a strong online presence. Parents without Partners is one such group and it provides a lot of information for single mothers. In some cases, for eligible parents, there is often financial support available or services available at a smaller cost then they might normally be. For single mothers it is well worth becoming involved in one of these groups as they can be a great place for support.

Of course there are a great many other resources on the Internet and a Google search will quickly reveal a huge base of articles about how to handle life as a single parent. There are many forums on the Internet where you can ask questions and there is bound to be someone who has faced the same situation before it will be up to help you out.

There are also several websites with parenting experts and behavioural scientists who can help you solve a problem. It is well worth becoming an active member of these groups, not only does it offer you great advice but it can also make you feel less as if you are going it alone knowing there are other people out there in your situation.

One of the most important tips that can be given to any single parent is to always remain emotionally in control. This is something the children typically can’t do and it is important that you set a good example by not losing your temper.

If you become irritable and angry this will probably only serve to scare your child and this will make the situation worse. There is a a great deal of advice available online about how to teach children lessons without scaring them.