The summer break needn’t be stressful

While kids look forward all year to their 6 weeks summer holidays, it is quite the opposite for their parents. Energetic, lively children are easy enough to deal with in the evening and at weekends, but with 6 weeks stretching ahead, and no guarantee of decent weather, it is little wonder parents dread this break rolling around. Ribena are well aware of this fact, and they have created the innovative and ingenious Let’s Do It Club, aimed at getting kids and parents through the long summer break intact.

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They have come up with a huge range of activities that are not only boredom busters but will also capture the children’s imaginations. For both inside and out, and ranging from cooking to yoga, it is easy enough to find several activities that will not only appeal to your children but which are suitable for their ages and abilities. Check out the full range on YouTube and plan in advance so you always have something in hand should you wake up in the morning to it pouring down with rain.

Kids love dancing and as soon as they can walk they will wiggle their bums to music. With Bollywood being something that all cultures are aware of, kids of all ages will loves the videos showing cool Bollywood moves.

We see children going through the moves, which are also flashed up on the screen so you can guide them through it should they need it. The fun the kids are having on the video is highly infectious, and soon your children will be doing those Bollywood moves with ease. It is hard to constantly come up with new ideas to entertain and amuse children during the summer, but thanks to Ribena and the Let’s Do It Club, no parent should ever dread the summer holidays again.