The skills kids learn from playing

Play is certainly one of the activities the children most like taking part in. You will often find that different children prefer different types of play, but one thing is constant with children, they all enjoy playing. There are many reasons why playing is important for the development of the child, and for one it allows them to practice their linguistic skills with other children, which is very important for developing social skills when older.

It also allows them to practice their cognitive skills, as many games are specifically designed to be both fun for children to play, and also develop their minds. Although education is very important for a child, play is essential and fostering their creativity, and allowing them to come up with new ideas. It is all very well for your child to get very good grades, but if they don’t balance this with creativity, their success in life is going to be somewhat limited.

There are different types of play that it is important for a child to take part in. One of the most valuable types is playing with other children, and this allows them to build social skills. It is also important that children play by themselves sometimes, as it allows them to develop independence, and understand the importance of working alone.

A type of play that bridges these two types, is where children play in a group, but they are all engaged in their own activities. This might be activities such as painting, where children are all doing the same thing, but independently. This can be very good for promoting positive work attitudes in your child.