The science behind autism, both good and bad, is revealed in innovative new book

A pioneering book has been published by Autism West Midlands that is based on the research that has gone into autism and is set to hit the shelves on the 2nd April 2013; Autism Awareness Days. ‘The Good and Bad Science of Autism’ is a book that is both interesting and easy to read and has been designed to give the reader an introduction to autism research.

The book has been written jointly by Dr Elisabeth Hurley,a neuroscientist and Dr Neil Walsh, a geneticist, and brings together the scientific research that has been conducted by multiple disciplines that include genetics, psychology and neuroscience. The book also examines the various areas of research into autism and assists the reader in drawing conclusions regarding the scientific knowledge that currently exists about autism.

The book begins by providing a basic introduction to scientific method: how scientific studies should be undertaken and published. It then goes on to cover good autism science research before exploring how bad science has affected autism research and how the age of the internet has affected the public understanding of autism.

This book discusses topics such as autism and the MMR vaccine, the search for tests to diagnose autism and some of the interventions available for people with autism. The book gives readers guidance on how to differentiate between good and bad science and how to interpret recent autism research findings.

This exciting book is designed to be easily accessible. Thanks to its colour-coded pages, readers can choose to read either a summary of the chapter or the full text. There are also pages focusing on particular aspects of autism research.

Finally, the book provides a list of useful resources that readers can access to find out more about autism science research.

Dr. Elisabeth Hurley, co-author of the book said “The Good and Bad Science of Autism is an easy-to-read book that we hope will introduce autism research and the science behind it to a wider audience.”

Jonathan Shephard, Chief Executive of Autism West Midlands said “Autism has multiple causes and complex effects. Understanding autism is therefore not an easy task in a world where people look for simple, immediate answers. The Good and Bad Science of Autism meets the need for an easy to follow path through the fascinating and developing strands of autism research. There are no simple answers in autism, but the book provides a clear explanation of current autism knowledge.”

The book is available to download free of charge from the Autism West Midlands website. Hard copies of the book are available for a small charge of £7 from the Autism West Midlands online shop.