The nurture vs nature debate is still going on after decades

Perhaps one of the largest parenting debates known to exist is the question of nurture vs nature. Most people choose nature as the most influential component that comes into play when raising a child, but new research is claiming that nurture actually has a lot more to do with the way a child turns out.

According to a new study that was conducted by researchers at the Melbourne Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, it has been found that effective parenting can actually help prevent babies from acting on some of the genes they may have.

As part of the study, loving parents, healthy diet, and stimulation was found to turn off genes that would otherwise play a large risk to mental and physical health to a child as a baby and an adult later in life.

Researcher Dr. Jeff Craig stated that they have seen many changes in switches that actually control the genes in twins. After watching several sets of twins they have become confident that the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are on the most influential in forming the rest of their life.

The research found that gene switches occur very frequently following birth which means that parents really do have to make sure that every moment they spend with their child counts. Craig explained that the research will enable them to now works backwards to figure out what early environments will best alter negative genes.

He added at the same time they will need to look at how they may be able to switch bad genes back off through nurturing parenting while a child is still young. At any rate, being warm and loving is an overall excellent strategy to help any child excel in life.