The New Generation Of Uber-Mom’s

When you think of a super mum most likely you think of a mother that is able to do it all. However, these overused phrases are putting a lot more pressure on new mothers and that their perfect place in society looks at then there needs to be.

Most people think that a super mom is able to raise healthy children, juggle children and work, cook the best diet friendly meals everywhere, and someone still keep a perfect body in their spare time. At the same time they also must be able to host dinner parties at het drop of a hat and stay stunningly witty and charismatic even when their heads are ready to hit the floor.

We are now witness to this phrase everywhere. You only have to Google the term and you will see what we are getting at. Exhausting? Absolutely.

The birth of the ‘Uber-mum’!

Just how is it possible to sustain or obtain this godly ‘Super-mum’ status? Gradually, more and more mothers are waking up to the reality that this existence is simply not possible in the real world.

There is a brand new wave and emergence of women on the block who seem to be a little more discerning about the ‘real’ parenting and lifestyle deal. The mother who has less of a ‘try-hard’/’must-do’ attitude and one who is more motivated by a gentler balance in her life which enables her to truly engage with life and enjoy parenthood at the same time. She doesn’t conform to any one category or feel pressure to be this or that. Move over ‘Super-mum’ and all hail the rapid rise of the ‘Uber-mum’!

Infact, a recent survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that SAHM’s (stay-at-home-mums) managed almost twice as much time to caring for their children compared to working mums. The results found that they actually devoted 2 hours, and 35 minutes each day devoted to activities such as playing games, meal times and bathing.¹

Lisa Boughton, Director and Co-Founder from Angelfish Consumer Market Research Agency stated: “’Uber-mums’ are savvy and resourceful, making the very most of their precious time to find a healthy balance between work, family and self. We are finding that many of our market research respondents are actually stay-at-home-mums who contact us to boost their family income and make extra pennies by taking part in our paid-for market research groups.

Boughton continued: “It’s interesting to see that a recent study from Pew Research Center, U.S. Bureau of Labor, Harvard Business Review found that 61% of mothers now work from home and 85% of stay-at-home-mothers are ‘very happy’ or ‘pretty happy’.² Taking part in market research is just one way mothers can balance the demands of family life, make extra cash and feel they are part of something important and exciting by sharing their opinions and shaping the way a brand new product is launched.”

Who exactly is the ‘Uber-mum’?

The ‘Uber-mum’ is the modern 2014, forward-looking mother who has been confident enough to take a little bit of control back for herself. Oh yes. She refuses to spread herself so thinly that she is ‘Jack-ess’ of all traits and master of none. She doesn’t want to dilute the wonderful experience of simply being a ‘mother’ either. Rather, she wants to maintain a healthy and steady balance in her life, spend quality time with the family at home, whilst earning a few pennies and saving money where she can. Conforming is so over.

She is an absolute ‘time-hero’ and chooses to spend her time boosting her income for the family nest in between those crucial school hours. Sending her beautiful offspring to after-school every day or recruiting a nanny is an extra expense she doesn’t need and means less time with her nearest and dearest. She wants to cherish that school pick-up hug for as long as she can. Oh – and she actually manages to find time for herself too….

How ‘Uber-mum’ saves money..

Yes. The ‘Uber-mum’ is not someone who wants to spend long hours on a stressful career to raise those all important family funds. She uses a clever and tactical mix of earning a few pennies and saving money where she can to keep finances in check enabling her to spend more cherished time with the family, at home.

Angelfish Consumer Market Research Company has listed some useful tips below on how ‘Uber-mum’ saves and makes extra money…

• eBay – sell unwanted goods and old clothes you no longer need. This online auction site usually pays the best compared to all the others. Check out for more info

• Sell off old baby goods, there are numerous dedicated sites such as that specialise in mothers and parents who are looking for a bargain. The key is to be targeted in your selling for the best selling success and profit margin

• Register to take part in paid-for market research or check out some of the online survey sites offering to pay you for your feedback. Get heard and paid for voicing your opinion on exciting brands and products during face-to-face focus groups or taking part in online surveys etc. Check out for more info on signing

• How about making a profit from taking photos? Budding photographers can upload their digital photos to photo bank websites such as and earn royalties for each one sold. You might have a whole host of photos that are just waiting to be unleashed so most of the work is already done!

• If you’re running a small business from home, then why not apply to see if you’re eligible for a government grant? Do your research on the Internet via search engines where you can find out exactly what money you could be entitled to. You could potentially bag a grant in excess of £1000 or more. Check out for more info

• Organise a car boot sale to sell off all your unwanted items. While you’re busy selling why not factor in some time to also buy some goods on site at rock bottom prices, and then up-sell them to eBay, making a nifty profit from the comfort of home? Don’t forget to take a car boot partner with you on the day so they can cover your stall whilst you browse for items

• Babysit! You already have a wealth of parenting knowledge – so why not use it? Start up with friends and family to build up your reputation first. You could offer to have the children to your home to make it even easier. Once you have a proven track record you could command up to £8 per hour!

• Re-organise your banking and maximise the interest your savings are making you. So many people are losing out on great rates because they just haven’t bothered to check out the latest high street bank account deals. 5 minutes work can save you ££££’s over the year, If you’ve got savings ensure they are working well for you. Check to compare rates and the latest offers

How ‘Uber-mums’ save time…

Time is money as the old saying goes. Jules Dean, co-owner of The Baby Journey Practising Staff Midwife for Gloucestershire commented on the issue of time and parenting:

“Just accepting that you can’t do everything at once is really important. Remembering that your children will only be little once and that you should do as much as you can to enjoy that time while it lasts. Prioritising time spent together over Hoovering, family days out over Facebook and cuddles in bed over supermarket trips. The ‘Uber-mum’ realises that life is all about balance.”

Check out her top tips on how ‘Uber-mums’ actually save time…

• Getting a cleaner. Budgeting in other areas of your disposable income is really worthwhile. It frees up time for playing with the kids and allows more minutes for helping with school homework, reading books or playing games, rather than throwing the Hoover round, ironing or being a slave to the dishwasher

• Get organised by using a weekday/end planner so that you can plan ahead for quality time together as a family with weekend trips or activities. It also allows you to plan your daily tasks for the week ahead as efficiently as possible. Once these activities are in the diary this time is set!

• Cut down on unnecessary online activities such as using social media sites or working on the laptop after a certain time each day. This includes console gaming for the kids! This allows more time for the tasks you really should be prioritising on or more quality time together, instead of wasting it

• Online food shopping is great time saver. You can do the weekly shop in minutes after the children have gone to sleep, instead of allocating at least a few hours to driving to, browsing for food in the aisles and then driving back again from the supermarket

Angela Barnes, Publishing Editor of Ask Baby & Junior Cotswold commented on this major shift of lifestyle for mothers:

“Many mums who would like to return to work are still finding that the rising cost of childcare means that it is just not possible. So many are finding clever ways to earn an income from home where they can work in the evenings, at weekends or during school hours if their child is at school. This also means they can spend more time with their children, can still do the school runs and they don’t have to worry if their child is off sick from school.

Barnes continued: “They can still have that ‘duvet day’ with their children and any work can be caught up the next day. This is the reason the website was set up by myself as I was looking for a way to earn a few pennies from home but still wanted to be able attend school plays and be around in the holidays.”

The rise of the ‘Uber-mum’ is spreading fast and the era of the ‘Super-mum’ is simply fading away. We say thank goodness for that.