The many benefits of letting children play outside

There are many benefits to encouraging children to play outside. While most children are prone to want to stay inside these days because of all their technological gadgets, there are great mental and physical benefits to playing outdoors.

For example, physically playing outside will build coordination and endurance at the same time. Younger children in particular benefit because it helps to promote the development of toddlers, babies, and preschoolers. Younger children are sensory –motor learners and therefore they need to get outside to learn and build coordination as they learn new forms of self-expression.

A lot of people do not allow their children to play outside because of the added danger of outdoor play. It can seem as if there is danger in many different forms outside, but there are easy ways to minimise the risks. For example, build play groups for children to play in and make sure an adult is always with them so that no injuries happen.

If neighbours each take a turn as supervisor then you can easily allow the children in the neighbourhood to play together on a regular basis without anyone feeling that their children are in danger. Not only will you have busy kids, but when it is not your turn to supervise you will have some free time.

You might also want to consider getting the kids involved in outdoor projects such as making wax paper leaves. Children love small projects and it helps them learn while at the same time offering them a small sense of adventure.

Mentally, when children are allowed to play freely they sharpen their mental skills helping them learn to cooperate, solve problems, and share. They also learn how to see things from another person’s perspective which is invaluable for them.