The Curse of Uninsured Drivers

The Department of Transport’s biggest ever clampdown on uninsured vehicles started on June 20th. In a well-advertised campaign, new legislation has been brought in to stop drivers keeping their vehicles parked up after their insurance has lapsed. They must know fill in the correct documentation to say the car is off the road, if this isn’t done the owner can face a hefty fine of up to £1,000 even if the insurance only expired a day or so beforehand.

Uninsured drivers have been a headache for the Government, the DVLA and the police for many years. Prior to this new ruling, only uninsured drivers who were caught actually driving a vehicle could be prosecuted, but that has now changed for good. Drivers who are found to be uninsured but haven’t registered their vehicles as off the road will receive a letter of warning and a fixed penalty of £100. Ignore this at your peril as further steps include seizure, clamping, disposal and £1,000 fine.

34 million cars in the UK are legally insured, but it is the 1.4 million that aren’t that are the problem. The DFT reports that over 23,000 innocent people are injured and 160 killed each year in traffic accidents involving uninsured drivers. This has the added insult of pushing up the cost of insurance for law abiding drivers, so the time is right to adopt a zero tolerance policy and get these cars off the road and their owners prosecuted.

The stupid thing about all this is how easily avoidable it is. Long gone are the days of spending hours on the phone ringing around for car insurance quotes, all you need is an internet connection and a credit or debit card. It really has never been easier to compare car insurance. Simply log onto a site, input the required information such as type of vehicle, registration number and your details to get quotes in an instant.

When you sit down to compare car insurance, log onto   This site will give you a great choice of policies to choose from and if you buy your cover through the compare option you will also get free Tesco clubcard points. Once you find the best cover for you, you can purchase it instantly and be insured from that moment on. When insuring your car is so easy, it’s hard to understand why so many run the risk of losing their car and being fined.