The benefits of having an ant farm

Ant farms for kids are a great opportunity to teach them something about life and the natural world. Few educational opportunities are as fun as ant farms. The benefits and perks of ant farms can’t be underestimated.

Ants have been scrambling, digging, and tunnelling through the dirt for about 100 million years. You would have thought that during all that time someone would have captured them and put them in a tiny environment where they could be observed. Someone finally did, and ant farms are the result.

The technical term is a formicarium, which is a vivarium, and they are created for the object of studying ant colonies and just how ants behave. Children commonly call them ant farms. The technical term is a vivarium, which is an enclosed structure or place for keeping and raising animals under direct observation.

The original formicarium was sold by Frank Austin in 1929. To make the toys more fun, he included farm, palace, and related scenery over the ground line. He finally patented the idea in 1931.

There are several mediums that the ants can use to build and dig in, and these include soil, vermiculite, sawdust, or anything related to it. A semi-transparent gel can even be utilised. This gel was created by NASA, and it gives the ants all that they need to thrive, including nutrition, moisture, and a medium to nest in.

However, it doesn’t have any protein, and this is required for the queen and larvae to survive.The most traditional ants used for formicariums are harvester ants. They derive their name from the fact that they harvest little pieces of grass to construct their nest mounds.