The Benefits of Conservatories for Families

Installing a conservatory on your home is an excellent thing to do. It adds a light and airy space to your home. Many people think of it just as a way to add a sun lounge, but in fact, it can be so much more than just a sun room.

Helping You Keep warm in Winter

Conservatories can act as a barrier between the main wall of your house and the outside world. As well as trapping the sun in the summer time and giving you an excellent sun lounge, they help you to keep the house warm in the wintertime by adding an extra barrier between the back of your house and the garden.

Adding Extra Space

A large advantage to installing a conservatory is that it will add extra space to your home. It gives you an extra room which can be used for many things from a dining space to a play room for your children. Somewhere you can sit and relax in the sunshine, or somewhere to use as an office space. There is a lot you can use a conservatory for.

This can be especially beneficial to families who feel that their home is becoming a little small for them – especially at the moment with the housing market being pretty poor. Creating additional space like this and moving say the dining area out into this space, can free up another internal room to allow an extra bedroom for a child, or for anything else you might need.

A Room for All Seasons

Conservatories can be used all year round quite easily with the addition of a heater or radiator for use in the winter months. It means you have a room which is just as useful as any other room in your home rather than one you feel you can only use a few months of the year.

Cheaper than Building an Extension

Conservatories can be a brilliant alternative to having an extension built. Unlike with an extension as long as the conservatory falls within certain guidelines (being less than 30 square metres with a minimum of 50% glazing for example), they generally don’t require planning permission. They’re also generally much cheaper to build, and go up much faster as well.

Adding Value

Of course we all know that you don’t get anything for nothing these days, and we think in terms of spending money to add a conservatory to our home. However, adding a conservatory can actually increase the value of your home, sometimes quite substantially, as well as making your house more saleable when you do want to sell it on.