Thanks to Wallsauce kids can design their own room!

Kids can now design their own bedroom wall murals using classic images from original comics, games and TV shows.

Wall mural specialists,, have pioneered the drag-and-drop ‘Design Your Own’ software on their website after striking a deal with movie giants Warner Bros.

Now visitors to the site can use a catalogue of evocative Batman comicbook art, as well as backgrounds and characters from the BinWeevils and MovieStar Planet.

All wall murals can be created for any size or shape of wall and are available either as pre-printed wallpaper or self-adhesive fabric. All orders come with full fitting instructions.

To make one visit and choose your theme.

Add a classic background, then populate them with hundreds of licensed images.

Use as few or as many as you like and position or resize them with a simple mouse movement.

Design Your Own wallpaper murals cost £30m2 for ready-pasted wallpaper, or £40m2 for self-adhesive fabric.

An average 3m wide x 2.5m high made to measure wall mural would cost £225 including delivery.