Teenage pregnancies still high despite education and free contraception

A professor from Nottingham is claiming that free contraception and sex education is not an effective combination when it comes to reducing the amount of teen pregnancies. Professor David Paton thinks that the current Government policies do not help reduce teen pregnancies.

He thinks that instead of focusing on sex education and contraception the Government should be focused on how to reduce the amount of teens that choose to have sex period. The professor wrote in the Education and Health journal that the amount of teen pregnancies has stayed the same for the past four decades.

Paton stated that millions of pounds are being spent regularly by policymakers on many different initiatives that are designed to help reduce pregnancy rates. He explained that it is hard to judge the impact that different policies are actually having and over the past forty years there have been movements up and down in the numbers.

However, he went on to explain that it is hard to say there is a case for the fact that interventions have had anything to do with the changes, because overall there is not any significant change. Although there have been slight drops over the past few years Sharron Albery the safeguarding officer from Bulwell Academy believes that sex education has helped.

She explained that is effective because the girls listen to what they are told and this helps them to make better decisions later on in their lives so that they can make better choices. aton continues to argue that family planning actually makes underage teens more likely to have sex underage because it makes them feel more comfortable with the matter.